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  Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 3, 2009 4:06pm-4:09pm EST

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now to another classy guy joining us, donald trump on the phone. what do you make of these powwows? do they do anything? >> i do not think so. the economy is the economy. banks have to lend money. to discuss jobs by an of itself will not do much, neail. neil: i think one thing the president might add to it is dealing with the job situation, so bear with me. >> i and he is trying hard, but things have come into place. we load banks billions and billions in terms of the dollars. if the banks do not put it out,
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there will be very little happening. i think he is trying hard on the waterfront. everyone i speak to says it. every once in awhile, you have a banker talking about their money, but it is not true. neil: when they say we should have standards for those we are not learning money to, what do you say? >> if you have standards where they are not producing jobs, those banks will not be participating. i'm not just talking about real estate. i'm talking about other businesses, also. i have friends cannot borrow
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money from banks and have have lines of credit terminated. it is a problem. i think it eventually will come back of its own volition, and that is when the economy will come back, but it will not come back before that. it has been dropping fairly rapidly, and i do not think they are being smart. they do not want to take over development or whatever it is they are looking at, so the banks that have put up the money already, and there are many of them, are working with developers and others. so that is a good thing. neil: if there is one thing this president can do right now, what is it? >> very simple. banks have to loan money. u.s. people who have apartments
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because they cannot get a mortgage. the banks have to loan money. and if they could wave the wand, the banks have to go out there and loan money. more important than anything else. neil: what is going on on the other end of pennsylvania avenue? try $300 billion worth of stimulus. pennsylvania gov. ed rendell on why we need that now.